The Dysmate dyslexia tests have been developed to identify reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia in children, adolescents and adults. The assessments are very easy to conduct, and the results are presented in an intuitive and accessible format. The Dysmate tests have been through a rigorous development process and have documented validity and reliability. The tests have been developed for use by trained professionals, for example: teachers (all levels), specialist teachers (SENCO or SENDCO), speech therapists, counsellors (school or university), educational psychologists, and others with similar expertise working in an educational or commercial environment (e.g. occupational therapist) In order to become a test administrator you will need to complete a certification course. If you have any questions regarding test administration, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Statistical analyses show that the Dysmate dyslexia tests meet the highest international standards for reliability and validity. Empirical data demonstrates that the tests consistently identify individuals at risk of dyslexia with high accuracy, and that the tests confidently distinguish between at-risk and not-at-risk individuals. The tests´ psychometric properties have been documented and published in international, peer-reviewed academic journals.


The tests are easy to conduct and take around 30 minutes to administer.  The screening tests for adolescents and adults can even be conducted remotely. A group or a class can be tested simultaneously.  The instructions are read aloud and presented in written form on a computer screen. Most tests begin with practice items during which the test candidates receive feedback about the accuracy of their answers. Test results are available as soon as the candidate has completed the test. Only the test administrator can access the results.The scores are illustrated graphically in bar charts which clearly indicate how the score compares to the average for a particular test.


Dr Nergård-Nilssen is Professor of Educational Psychology at UiT Arctic University of Norway. Dr Nergård- Nilssen developed the Dysmate tests as part of the Tromsø Longitudinal Study of Dyslexia. The Arctic University of Norway is the owner of the technology behind the Dysmate tests.


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