About the team 1

Trude Nergård Nilssen


Developer: Trude Nergård Nilssen is Professor of Special Education at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
Background: After graduating, Nergård Nilssen worked for six years as a pedagogical-psychological counselor in PPT, before she received a doctorate in dyslexia at the Department of Special Education (UiO)
Research interests: Nergård Nilssen’s research focus is mainly on dyslexia and developmental language disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.
Research projects: Nergård Nilssen led the “Tromsø Longitudinal study of Dyslexia” in Tromsø, which followed the same children from early life and into school age (2010-2018) to identify early signs of dyslexia and language difficulties. She has also led all standardization and validation studies related to the development of the Literate tests (2014-d.d.). She is leading an ongoing randomized control study that will develop and test research-based measures for children at risk, who are at risk of developing reading difficulties. This study is funded by the Research Council of Norway (project period: 2020-2024).

International team

About the team 2

Dr. Nikki Newhouse 🇬🇧

Postdoctoral researcher in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford

About the team 3

Professor Marie-Christine Vierbuchen GE

Professor at department of Special Education at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

About the team 4

Dr. Linda SandströmSE

Assistant Professor in linguistics with a focus on language development at Umeå University. Also a licensed speech-language pathologist.

About the team 5

Docent Christian Waldmann SE

Associate Professor, faculty of Art and Humanities at Linnæus University

About the team 6

Dr. Rebecca Schumacher GE

PhD fellow Inkluderingsutdanning, Potsdam Universität

About the team 7

Friedo Scharf GE

CEO Inklusion Digital. Entrepreneur and expert in education technology

About the team 8

Dr. Gøran Kattenberg nl

PhD Cognitive and Learning Psychology, Utrecht University. Entrepreneur and expert in reading and learning psychology


About the team 9

Bård Hall 🇳🇴

Chief Executive Officer

MBA INSEAD, MSEE Georgia Tech, Supélec.  Been part of management team and owners of several successful ICT-growth companies and is a specialist in education technology.

About the team 10

Olga Voronchikhina🇳🇴

Chief Knowledge Officer

MSc in ICT from Moscow University(2011)Master in ICT from Moscow University. Fluent in Russian, English and Norwegian, and knowledge in German and Spanish. Specialist in online training and marketing.


About the team 11

Fazal Mehmood 🇳🇴

Chief Technology Officer


MSc in Programming from University of Tromsø. Specialist in programming and development of edtech software.